SDC(Self-care Dialysis Center)

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SDC (Self-care Dialysis Center) is Japan's first "Self-dialysis" facility.

The world's most advanced self-dialysis style was born in European countries and the United States, and is spreading due to its contribution to health outcomes and high degree of freedom for patients.

The SDC, which was designed with reference to dialysis facilities in developed countries, including the French self-dialysis facility "Home Dialysis Center," has high-end reclining chairs and partitions that do not bother other patients' eyes. , Semi-private rooms where you can concentrate on telework and web conferences, indirect lighting that is easy on the eyes with sufficient brightness, and high-speed Wi-Fi that can be used in all seats, so we have everything you need to relax. I was.

Reading, listening to music, watching movies, or concentrating on your work, how you spend your time is up to you. Of course, you can also have a good night's rest.

In recent years, online work has become popular, so there are many patients who are working online while on dialysis at SDC. By doing dialysis while working, you can use your time effectively.

By performing sufficient dialysis in a comfortable environment at a time convenient for you, you can expect to improve your health outcomes, freedom of living, and job performance. Self-dialysis and SDC make it possible.

Learning Center

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Advantages of Self-Dialysis

  • MERIT1Freedom from Time Constraints

    Having to restrict your work or change your lifestyle because of dialysis can be very stressful. This system can free you from time constraints to improve your lifestyle.

  • MERIT2Easing dietary restrictions

    Eating is both a pleasure for us and has the important purpose of getting proper nutrition. When nutritional deficiencies occur, it is impossible to take in enough nutrients and thus maintain good health. The concept of self-dialysis is to relax dietary restrictions as much as possible.

  • MERIT3Improving risk of complications

    The benefits of improving complications are immense. For example, during dialysis, it can improve blood pressure fluctuations, foot suspension during dialysis, itching, and reduce dietary restrictions, which can eliminate day-to-day problems. In the long term, it can improve calcification and long-term complication risks, and improve your physical condition and reduce future risks by improving cells and organs, which have deteriorated over time due to the accumulation of blood waste, to a more biological condition.

  • MERIT4Improving life expectancy

    The practice of HDP (Hemo Dialysis Product) management has been shown to improve life expectancy. Freedom reduces mental stress and the relaxation of dietary restrictions allows adequate nutritional intake. And the reciprocal factors of adequate dialysis with HDP have a synergistic impact on health.