Introduction of Doctors

Introduction of Doctors

  • DirectorShigeru Kosugi


    Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine


    Entered the Department of Urology, Jikei University Hospital


    Director, Medical Corporation Fuchu Nephrology Clinic


    Director of Tokyo Shimbashi Dialysis Clinic


    Director of Tabata Ekimae Clinic

    ・Japanese Urological Association Specialist

  • Dr.Seiichiro Higo


    After graduating from Nippon Medical School and working as a trainee at Nippon Medical School Tama-Nagayama Hospital, joined the Department of Neurology, Nephrology, Collagen Diseases and Rheumatology, Nippon Medical School Affiliated Hospital.


    Hakujikai Memorial General Hospital
    Nephrology (Returned March 2010)


    Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokusou Hospital, Department of Neurology and Nephrology, Director (Left in March 2017)


    Medical Corporation Association San Tomokai, Akebono Hospital, Department of Nephrology & Hemodialysis


    Medical Corporation Association Showa Ikueikai, Yukitani Sanwa Clinic, Director


    Oasismedical Medical Corporation, Tabata Ekimae Clinic's Department of Hemodialysis - Current Position

    ・Certified Internist by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

    ・General Specialist of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

    ・Specialist of the Japanese Society of Nephrology

    ・Specialist of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy

    ・Doctor of Medicine


    I am dedicated to contributing to dialysis treatment so that every individual undergoing dialysis can lead a better life.

An Expert Nurse is a professional who, based on extensive experience and knowledge, provides advice on the optimal method of dialysis for you. Oasis Medical's Expert Nurses are among the few specialists in Japan. They are professionals who have experienced and are well-versed in various dialysis therapies. For instance, they are familiar with treatments like home hemodialysis, HDF, long-duration dialysis, overnight dialysis, CAPD, hybrid, and self-dialysis. Not only are they knowledgeable about these methods, but they also understand the limitations and drawbacks of each treatment. Taking into consideration your lifestyle and life plans, they can assist in finding the best dialysis method for you.

Introduction of Expert Nurse

  • Junko Niiharu


    Worked at Kounan Hospital's Artificial Kidney Unit (now known as the Hemodialysis & Kidney Center)


    Appointed as the Head Nurse of the same unit, Started activities in the Kansai CAPD Nursing Study Group


    Council member of the Japan Society of Renal Failure Nursing


    Involved in the establishment of Sano Clinic and worked there thereafter


    Acquired the qualification of Dialysis Therapy Instruction Nurse (now known as DLN)


    Acquired the qualification of Certified Peritoneal Dialysis Instruction Nurse


    Acquired the HANA Nursing Therapy Instructor qualification


    Worked at Sakai Rumi Clinic (involved in long-duration, overnight, and home hemodialysis)


    Acquired the Coach A certification


    Graduated from the JDS (Life Design Construction School) Practitioner Course


    Appointed as the Nursing Administrator & Expert Nurse at Oasis Medical

    Entered the world of dialysis and spent 40 years without ever leaving the clinical field.

    From 1982, became interested in CAPD and home therapy (HHD) and became a founding member of the Kansai CAPD Nursing Study Group.

    Council member of the Japan Society of Renal Failure Nursing.

    As a new initiative as a nurse, learned and practiced nursing therapy.

    In the field of dialysis, I was fortunate to become familiar with all forms of dialysis, including home hemodialysis, long-duration dialysis (including overnight), frequent dialysis, CAPD, and self-dialysis.